Waterville is a growing town that is effecting all surrounding areas in a very positive way.  One reason Waterville has really been standing out from other parts of Maine over the past few years is Colby College.  Colby College is making large investements towards building strong communities in Waterville,  and is attracting many young folks and growing families to the area.  In addition Waterville has excellent access to healthcare with two hospitals in the town!  You have plenty of options for schools and early childcare in the area.  With a diverse choice of communities in the Waterville area, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

I could go on all day about how great this area is but to be honest it is better you come out and experience it for yourself! 

Surrounding towns: Down below you will find links to wikipedia pages and town websites. Both are excellent research tools when beginning your Maine home search.  You may also feel free to call our team at 207-305-9119 if you want more specific info on the area.

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