Selling a Home in Maine

The Real Property Team has extensive experience in the Maine real estate market and knows how to navigate it. We understand that every property in Maine has its own unique features and characteristics, and that these will attract different types of buyers. 

Maine Real Estate Market.

One of the challenges of selling a home in Maine is the diverse range of markets within the state. From city life to small town to rural off-grid living, the value of a property can vary greatly depending on its location. We have agents across the state who are experts in this market and can provide valuable insight into the factors that will affect the value of your home. By carefully assessing every house we sell and the potential buyers for each property, we are able to match homes with the right buyers and get the best price.

We Have the Creative Talent to Showcase Your Home.

The old adage, "You can't judge a book by its cover" is passé today. This is a fast-paced, image-oriented society in which we live. First impressions really do count! Every piece of information on your property, whether it be a brochure, the wording in the Multiple Listing Service, a presence on the Internet, or a well-placed advertisement, must show your home in the best possible light. The influx of out-of-state buyers in recent years has made it even more important to expand our marketing efforts online and outside of Maine. We use paid ads and custom audiences to target potential buyers and ensure that they see our listings. One way to do this is through paid ads and campaigns. By using custom audiences, we can target ads to people in our database who are looking for homes in a specific area or for a specific feature. This can help narrow down your potential buyers and increase the chances that they will see your home.

Marketing A Homes Unique Characteristics

In addition to location and buyer type, the value of a property in Maine can also be affected by unique features such as hunt-able land, waterfront, wooded lots, access to skiing and snowmobile trails. Understanding the value of each of these and highlighting it in your marketing efforts can help you get the best price for your home. Overall, selling a home in Maine can be a complex and challenging process. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate team like the Real Property team can make all the difference. We have the expertise and resources to help you find the right buyer and get the best price for your home.

Transaction Support Team

During all phases of a listing from the initial paperwork and promotion through the very last details of the closing, we personally attend to all of the details. We make sure nothing falls through the crack, and as a result the large majority of our transactions come through referrals and repeat business. 

For Sale By Owner

We understand that not everybody is going to use a real estate agent to sell their home in Maine. But even as a for sale by owner, there are still many resources that you should have access to that is not always easy to find. So we've actually gathered many of these tools here on our website for you to use to sell your house by owner without an agent. There can be many benefits to selling your house by yourself. If you actually follow the link down below. At the end of this article, you will find the For Sale By Owner resource page and over there you will find everything you need to sell your home by yourself in Maine.

Home Seller FAQ

What does is cost to pay Realtor to sell my home?

There is no fixed to hire a real estate agent in Maine and it can vary depending on the level of service they provide. While some may offer discount services and other more premium services. The Sherman Antitrust Act prohibits Agents from setting fixed or standard commissions. It will typically cost between 4-7 percent of the purchase price, however every agent can charge a different amount based the the level of service they offer.

Should I use a Realtor in ME?

This is a question that we get ask often and really the only person who can answer it is you. If you look at data from NAR you will see that 86% of homes were sold using an agent and only 10% for sale by owner (FSBO). Homes sold FSBO sold for significantly less than with an agent. You can find that research on NAR's Site. So the to answer the question is generally no, if you have an extensive backroad in real estate marketing and you understand how to negotiate than the answer might be yes. Again only you can answer this question. 

What repairs should I do?

This is a tricky one, and it will depend on your unique situation. As a general rule repairs that are cheap and cosmetic are worth doing while some of the larger more costly repairs like a new roof are not worth doing. I always say unless you are remodeling the entire house, just stick with the cheap cosmetic, paint, holes in drywall, landscaping just to name a few. The main reason for this is because when you do a nig repair like installing all new windows or a new roof, that repair is not worth as much to the next buyer. It may cost you $7,000 for a roof but it may only add $3,000 to the homes value. 

Should I sell In the winter? Or wait till spring and summer.


Do I need to hire a lawyer?
What paperwork do I need?
Can I sell my home on my own?
Should I sell in the current market?
Should I put my home on Zillow, Redfin or
How do I find the current market value?

graph LR A[Median Sales Price in Gulf Coast Region] --> B[$300,000 in 2020]

What's the real current value of your Maine Home?

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